Here at WhyTaboo? we only have one goal, to change society’s major misconception that the use of adult products to enhance your sex life is a bad thing.

Society has dubbed being ‘dirty’ or ‘kinky’ as a bad thing. Well guys and girls, if you’re having a good time, its safe and all participants are happy, who cares what society thinks Whether you’re an 18 year old first timer right up to an 80 year old pro, we believe it is your right to enhance your sex life, and that is where we come in.

WhyTaboo? is here to cure this misconception within society, because well, let’s face it…. We all have sex! Honestly how many of you can say you wouldn’t want to spice things up a little? We are here to help you purchase the perfect product for YOU. Whether you know exactly what you like, or are a first time buyer and need a little help, we are here for you.

WhyTaboo? is not just another website. We have spent many hours, and will continue to do so, to make sure we bring you up to date, accurate, factual information.
We have some fabulous people who contribute to our blog pages including Eric, who is a fabulous poet and Mart, a very imaginative erotic writer. We will also be including jokes, cocktail ideas, games and some free kinky ideas to spice up your sex life.

Discretion is a must!
Here at WhyTaboo? we understand that people can find the purchasing of their adult products a little embarrassing, that is why we offer you a 100% discreet service. Your purchase will be shown as SR Enterprises on the receipt and your package will come like any other parcel would arrive. Your products inside will be presented as a discretely wrapped gift, there will be no price tags on any products purchased at WhyTaboo?

If you’re purchasing this for a gift, we will make sure you have to do nothing more than write on a card.