If you love having a perfect hiding place for you little helpers, the Book Smart collection could be perfect for you.

At first glance they truly appear to be innocent pieces of reading material. 

This incredibly realistic faux hard back book cover is hollowed inside to allow you to enjoy the secrets within.

You can hide your sexy treasures in plain sight!

There are four books in our collection:
In The Heart Of The Night, The Lavenders, Through Rose Coloured Glasses and The Other Door.

The first three “volumes” contain:
1x Multi speed, water resistant, 7″ vibrator
1x Vibrating water resistant rocket
4x Nubbed plastic attachments
1x Phthalate-free TPE g-spot sleeve
A Sample Size of Body Glide Lubricant

The Other Door: The perfect starter kit for beginning anal play.

All the tools you need to unlock the other door including:
1x Small/Medium Sized Anal Plug
1x Beginner Anal Beads
1x Beginner to Intermediate Sized Anal Beads with Probe Handle
A Sample Size of Body Glide Lubricant

If you’re looking for a fun and unique way to get started in the world of anal play, this is definitely a great choice.

Novel idea, don’t you think?

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