Just One Of The Staff

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As I walk back to my office from being out I notice you looking at something on your computer that looked very like partly naked men & women. I stop and walk behind your desk to see properly. I am shocked at what I see. Read More →

The Tropical Holiday

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The water sparkled as the sun shone on it, as the boat effortlessly carved a wake through the flat sea. The boat was taking us holiday makers out to a reef that we were going to go snorkeling on. The fish life was meant to be some of the best in the world, very bright colors and ranging sizes of fish and coral. I was on this Fijian Island by myself as I was trying to finish some writing and had decided a peaceful Pacific Island might be the perfect location to help my creative writing juices. And so far it had worked well, and I was well on track to meet my deadline. Read More →

Urgent Call

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It all started with an early morning wake up. The alarm went off, but today I was taking clients out so the alarm was set 45 minutes early. I reached out and turned off that annoying noise. Then rolled over and slid down the bed a little to be in line of my girlfriend’s fantastic breasts.

I kissed all around her right breast with my cheek brushing past her nipple every so often. This started to arouse her, so my hand rubbed her stomach for a while then slid down to her inner thighs, and as I rubbed and massaged her thighs my mouth finally found her Read More →

The Student

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I couldn’t believe we were nearly through the second term of the school year. I think I had noticed you in my geography class from day one. You had a sparkle in your eyes that to me spelt trouble, and fun. In my many years of teaching I had come across many types of people, some I liked, some I didn’t. Some ex students still contact me from time to time, but none had drawn me into them like you have.

The way you looked at me when handing in your assignments, the way you held yourself within your peers, Read More →


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You were still holding the letter I had sent you earlier in the day along with the flowers to your work as I saw you walking into my lounge. It told you to come to my house after work; the front door would be open. It also told you to walk into the lounge, take your dress off, wrap the towel that is on the couch around you and stand still, then close your eyes, and wait until you hear me come in.

As I watched you standing there in that towel, looking at those gorgeous lips, I smiled as I saw your head turn one way then the next with each noise you heard, wondering if it was me coming or what was happening.

I finally put you out of your misery and slowly walked into the lounge, saying good evening my darling. I made sure to tell you to keep those eyes closed tight. Read More →


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It had been a long week, very busy at work and then I had something on every night during the week, It was now Saturday morning, and I suppose when I look back on it, I hadn’t paid you much attention during the week. I wasn’t awake, but I wasn’t sound asleep either, I could feel your body touching mine, and moving around a little, but a sleep in was what I had in mind. So I turned my head and drifted back to sleep.

The next thing I remember was I was lying on my back, and I wake up feeling your hand on Read More →