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As I walk back to my office from being out I notice you looking at something on your computer that looked very like partly naked men & women. I stop and walk behind your desk to see properly. I am shocked at what I see.

I say to you “hmm it must be very hard to work while looking at those pictures Pooja”

You look up at me with a smirk and say, “yes – it is a little”

I would say very difficult young lady. I am not sure your mind is really on the job.

Follow me into my office now please. And close the door behind you.

I ask you what the heck am I going to do with you? You just shrug your shoulders back at me as you walk over to my desk.

“Right, sit there against my desk and give me a good explanation as to why you are spending your day at work looking at those pictures”

Your answer shocks me a little.

You say that you did it so you would be kept busy with me. I have to gather my thoughts, here is a gorgeous sexy & intelligent girl, being naughty so as just to spend time with me. I wasn’t sure if you knew I had fancied you too, but as your boss I didn’t want to cross the line.

I decide I would see where this will go and tell you to come and stand beside me, using my computer, and to show me the web sites you have used to get these pictures from. The pictures were very hot and sexy, semi clothed people embracing or kissing, and I must admit they were easy to look at.

As you stand there, typing away next to me, I start to admire your gorgeous figure, and the words you said to me, about wanting to be busy with me make me smile and think naughty thoughts about you.

I decide to try my luck and put my hand on the back of your knee. You don’t even react. So I turn my hand around and run my finger nails gently and slowly up your leg, from behind your knee up to just under your skirt and upper thigh, and then back down again. I do this a few times and you turn to me and smile and then you lick your sexy lips at me.

I then do it one more time, this time though I slide my hand all the way up to your ass, oghhh how soft your cute bum feels in my hand. Seen as I was getting good vibes from you I decided to change legs, and ran my hand down your inner thigh, massaging your leg down to your knee. And then back up again.

I hear you moan and then I feel you reach behind you and rest your hand on my back and shoulder.

I love the feel of your legs, and as my hand rests just below your pussy, I ask if you have found the site yet, my hand massages your inner thigh, your clit can almost feel the side of my hand against it. Your grip on my shoulder tightens a bit as you the teasing becomes a little more intense.

You finally reply to me saying “hmm…if you can give me a little bit of space…I will find the website for you baby.”

I go back to running my finger nails down the back of your leg as I move my chair backwards, giving you full access to my PC.

You look so gorgeous slightly bent over my desk, I want to just lift your skirt up over your ass and slide into you know. But instead I move my chair behind you and offer you my lap to sit on.

You reply by saying “yeahh…very comfy… great to have a lap like this to sit on”, and then as you rest on my lap, you wiggle your bum a little and look back at me – giving me a very saucy wink.

My hands then run up and down the top of your thighs as you work on my pc. I start to kiss the back of your neck and along your shoulders then back to your neck and up to your jaw line, kissing it along to your ear lobe.

Whilst nibbling on your ear lobe I whisper into your ear to forget the site, I have wanted you since you started here, and that I had always wanted something to tell you off for just so I can be next to you, and have you to my self.

“Oghh really…well…I also wanted to be with you, this is my pleasure boss” you quietly say to me as you enjoy what my hands are doing.

My hands slide up your legs, one hand on each thigh nearly at your knickers, you turn your face to me and I finally get to taste your soft sexy you lean back into me. Ooghh god you kiss so well, your lips & tongue are wonderful as we kiss deep and long.

I tell you that you make me so hard and horny and you make me want to do things to you that a boss probably shouldn’t.
I tell you to stand up and turn around, and then sit on my lap again. I slide your skirt up as you sit on me, our lips meeting taking your bottom lip between mine I slide my hands under your top running my hands on your stomach.

I then slowly unbutton your blouse. My mouth leaves your lips, and kisses over your chin and down your neck.
You let out a loud moan, and tell me how good it feels, your hands running through my hair and then undoing my tie.
Now I am undoing the buttons on your top. I slide the blouse over your shoulders and drop it away from your gorgeous body. My mouth is now on your chest and kissing around your bra and cleavage, teasing your tits.

You moan and grab the back of my head holding my mouth firmly on your skin. You can feel my hard dick under you. This is what you have done to me, my god it wants to explode.

You reach around behind you and undo your bra, letting it fall of slowly over your shoulders, almost teasing me, knowing I want to see and feel those beautiful breasts of yours. My mouth then kisses around each breast, my cheek brushing your nipples.

You whisper in my ear that you are slowly getting very wet. And your voice and breath on my ear makes me groan and makes my dick throb.

I then slowly move my mouth in circles onto your nipple and I suck it into my mouth, then licking it with my tongue and gently biting it with my mouth and teeth. I move from breast to breast a few times, I love how soft your skin feels in my mouth.

I feel your hands reaching in between us and you unbutton my pants at the same time I am kissing your breasts. You feel the warmth of my dick in your hands.

I move back to your lips and kiss your soft lips, our tongues joining together. I then stand up, picking you up with me and sit you on my desk my hands slide under your bum and grab your knickers and slowly slide them over your sexy legs.

You pull me closer to you and you bite my ear lobe and dig your hands into my back and then in my ear you tell my how hot & horny this is.

Moving away with your lacy panties in my fingers, I smile at you before throwing them onto the desk. Bending down I raise your legs over my shoulders before kneeling onto the ground. My mouth now kisses where my hands have been along your inner thighs and up to your pussy, I can smell the sweetness of you as you arch your back and moan loudly telling me to kiss you there passionately – “yea just there baby – oghhhhh yea there” you yell out.

I want to tease you a little so I try not to go straight for your wetness but I can’t resist and my mouth is all over your clit sucking it into my mouth and flicking it with my tongue.

My fingers slide into your wet pussy and I curl my fingers up wards, massaging the soft spongy part of your pussy, hopefully finding your g spot and pushing you to the edge. My tongue is licking your clit harder and harder and my spare hand slides up your body and holds your breast squeezing your nipple between my fingers, feeling your sweet juices on my face turns me on even more, my dick is so hard.

I look up at you and say that I want to feel you cum on my face and taste your juices that make my tongue tingle. You grab a clump of my hair and pull my face back onto your pussy. I love how wet you are. You wrap your legs over my shoulders and round my neck which also helps to keep my mouth firmly in place. Your body starts to arch and writhe around on my desk, Your legs tighten around me as your hand pulls at my hair and you scream as you start to cum. You put your hand over your mouth to muffle your noises.

When your legs have relaxed and let me go I stand up and lean towards you. Your arms reach up for me and grab my shirt. You surprise me by just ripping all the buttons of and pulling off my arms and back. You are now sitting up, our naked chests pressed together and you are kissing me with so much passion now. We stop kissing for a minute as we look at each other with a hunger, your hands running over my chest, then your suck and bite my nipples.

I move away from you but grab your hand and move over to the couch I have in my office. I lie down and tell you I need to clean you up. You don’t need a second invitation and are soon you are straddled over my face, resting your clit on my face.

Your hands move their way down my body sliding under my open pants and pushing them down my legs. My dick now pressed hard against your body and between your breasts as you slide all the way down taking my trousers off.

You then move back up and slowly lick my dick and then swallowing it in my mouth. Your tongue teasing it, then your lips sucking the head. My body squirms at your touch, my heart racing as I want to explode.

My hands move to your ass as I lick and suck your clit and pussy, spanking your bum, getting harder and harder. Your clit is still very sensitive and with my tongue licking it faster and faster you start to moan louder again and before long you are close to Cuming again.

You lift your head and say that you want me inside you now, please baby please you beg. I am so close I cannot refuse.

You slide off me and stand up, I swing my legs around and sit on the couch, you straddle my legs and slowly lower your self on to me. It feels so warn and sexy – so much better than I had hopped. We are both close to exploding – you dig your finger nails into my back as you hold on as you ride my hard cock and I rock my hips to enter you as deep and hard as I can, keeping the rhythm going between us.

Both kissing and biting on the others neck in between trying to breath. I bend down and kiss your chest and breast and then suck one of your nipples as you start to release juices down my dick and onto my legs. You say to me that you are starting to cum again and you want me to fuck you as hard as I can.

As you start to moan louder and louder, and hold onto me tighter I can’t hold on anymore and my fall back onto the back of the couch, my hips still fuck you hard, You put your hands on my chest and support yourself as you continue ridding my dick as wave after wave flows over you and you cum hard on my dick.

I then reach the point of no return and explode inside you, watching and hearing you cum is such a turn on. Your pussy milks every last drop out of me. And when your orgasm finally ends you collapse into my chest and we sit there entwined in each others bodies while we regain composure.

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